Annual production of silver: Mexico produces 24.2% (6,300 tons/year). China follows with 13.8% (3,600 tons). Peru 11.9% (3,100 tons), Chile 6.2%(1,600 tons), Australia 5.4% (1,400 tons), Bolivia and Poland 5% each (1,300 tons), Russia 4.6%(1,200 tons), United States 4.2%(1,100 tons), Argentina 3.2%(840 tons), India 2.4%(630 tons) and the rest of the world combined 14.1% (3,650 tons).

Founded in 1554, Fresnillo PLC is the world's largest primary silver producer and the second-largest gold producer. The company operates six mines in Mexico, including the Fresnillo Mine located in Zacatecas, which is one of the oldest and largest silver mines in the world.
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